The Pro Loco Giostra di Simone is an association which promotes events and supports the development of Montisi, an ancient medieval village located in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, south of Siena.

Every year, the Pro Loco coordinates numerous activities in the village which are open also to visitors.

The three main activities each year are:

La Giostra di Simone, a medieval festival which takes place on the Sunday closest to the 5th August in which the four Contradas, San Martino, Castello, Piazza and Torre, compete in a jousting tournament for a Banner in honour of the Madonna delle Nevi. During the preceding week the village hosts dinners, entertainment and many other cultural and social activities.

The festival of “Il Primo Olio e altro ancora…”, a major event for the village held at the end of October to celebrate the arrival of the new oil – including tastings, street food, local handicrafts, traditional entertainment and much more.

The traditional Carnival of Montisi, a celebration with masks and music

The Pro Loco helps to keep the memories of the Montisanis in this very special village full of community spirit and where you feel you have simply stepped back in time.

Pro Loco Giostra di Simone