The Giostra di Simone takes place in Montisi to celebrate the Madonna delle Nevi, the patron saint of Montisi. It is the premier festival in the village and is held every year on the Sunday closest to the 5th August. For the actual day itself the four districts or contrade in the village compete to win the coveted banner especially created for each year by a local artist.

The joust itself marks an historic moment in the life of Montisi. It is part of a celebration lasting over a week involving processions in medieval costume, contrade dinners, a ‘pop-up’ stand serving food and wine, stalls selling local produce and supporting events such as five a side football, music and entertainment.

Imagine over 1000 people participate in the dinners which take place the night before the historic joust, the Giostra di Simone. Everyone sits in the street in their districts bedecked with flags and scarves eating course after course of delicious food prepared by men and women in the districts and served by the youngsters. It is a joy to behold.

And on the day itself there is a magical medieval procession accompanied by beating drums and flag throwers, all part of the competition to win the coveted banner.

It is amazing that such a tiny village as Montisi manages to attract so many visitors to this annual festival. Locals and tourists have huge fun and everyone is very welcome to join in.

The 2017 festival has now ended but we hope you will come and join us in 2018. The festival will be over the weekend of 4th/5th August 2018.

Thank you very much to one of our friends Foodie International who made this wonderful video of the Giostra di Simone in 2013.