I have recently returned from a fantastic week-long trip to the village of Montisi, an absolute gem situated among rolling Tuscan hills between the regions of Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi.

What struck me immediately is the sense of pride the local population have for their village. The flags on display, representing the four Contrade, hang distinctly from family homes and add a touch of colour to what is already striking architecture.  I would highly recommend a walk along the narrow medieval streets, spiralling upwards and culminating in panoramic views of what can only be described as ‘classic’ Tuscany.  Oh, and try and locate the Harpsichord school if you can!

There is a real sense of community and friendliness here. Locals and ex-Pats enjoying each other’s company in relaxed cafes and restaurants – all of which serve superb food, and excellent coffee – our travelling party certainly indulged!  The locals were genuinely welcoming and clearly at ease mixing with visitors to this lovely village.

Within short distances of Montisi are a number of attractive villages and communities to visit.  An excursion to Siena is essential – a beautiful romantic Italian city with high walls and sprawling piazzas. In our case we reached it via journeying across Strada Bianchi (White Roads) – highly recommended, especially for photographers and those seeking extra adventure!

I would highly recommend a trip to Montisi.  I very much hope to return one day in the near future – enrolling in the local Harpsichord school, perhaps?!

Oliver – August 2017