In Montepulciano, a walk is a work-out – from the gracious elegance of San Biagio at the bottom of the hill to the Piazza Grande at the top. You will improve your fitness as well as being able to enjoy some of the best views in Southern Tuscany. If the Terrazza Panoramica of the Palazzo Pubblico is open, the final wonderful panorama is worth the extra climb. On a clear day you can see as far as Siena and Monte Cimone.

The business of the town is wine. Montepulciano is home to Vino Nobile – so called because the Vatican sent emissaries to this magnificent hilltop town for its local wine. The hill is honeycombed with tunnels and cantine where the vino nobile is made and stored in barrels and bottles. Many wine producers offer tastings and tours. Contact us for more details or have a read of our page on wine tours.

The shops are interesting and varied, restaurants and cafés abound. Try Poliziano for its Art Nouveau decor, pretty terrace and mouth watering cakes – and on Thursdays you will find a market in the lower town.

The main square at the top of the town is an architectural gem. The Duomo, unassuming from the outside with its unfinished frontage, hides a dramatic marble interior with some outstanding pieces of art including an altarpiece by Taddeo di Bartolo in 1401. As well as the lovely Palazzo Pubblico there is also an ancient fountain with unique carvings of both a lion and a griffon. Further on, admire the remains of the Fortezza which has stood guard over the Val di Chiana for centuries. Perhaps now more famous as the location for the filming of the saga Twilight sequel ‘ New Moon ‘

Montepulciano has its own festival in August each year based on the ancient skill of barrel rolling – not surprising in this city of wine! Keep an eye out for our Events page if you’re there in August.