Arezzo is famous for many things, but uniquely in Southern Tuscany it holds a wonderful antiques and collectors’ market. Held on the weekend containing the first Sunday of each month, it is situated throughout the old part of the city.

Full of stunning architecture you can start your visit to this famous town in the fabulous square designed by Giorgio Vasari in the XVI century. It has a sloping pavement in red brick with limestone geometrical patterns and is lined with many famous buildings including the Pieve di Santa Maria, one of the finest Romanesque buildings in Tuscany, the Varsari Loggia and the Episcopal palace to name but a few.

This charming city is also home to one of the most famous fresco cycles in Italy – the Legend of the True Cross, see it in the Church of San Francesco. Featured in a scene in the film ‘ The English Patient ‘ it depicts the story of how the tree in the garden of Eden became the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Painted by Piera della Francesca it is considered to be a true masterpiece dating from around 1466.

For those interested in medieval art this could be that start of a journey looking at the work of this most famous fresco painter. Known as the Piero della Francesca trail you can also visit nearby Monterchi and Sansepolcro where you see more of his work.

Arezzo is also home to the Giostra del Saracino, an event similar to our own competition in Montisi but maybe just a little more famous. Here the jockeys gallop towards a wooden effigy of a Saracen king and aim for a ring or score points on a target. Keep an eye on our Events pages for information on this exciting tournament which takes place twice a year in June and September.

Finally for the practical, Arezzo hosts several out of town shopping areas with large supermarkets, stunning garden centres and other well known stores.