We are delighted by the success of our new website. We have had some wonderful feedback from our visitors including this today:

I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your website SO much the past few days, and I am so happy you told me about it! I have been researching this area for months, but you have distilled so much interesting and relevant information; it’s boosted my knowledge and enjoyment tremendously!!! So thank you. Added bonus: the website is very pretty and nicely arranged.
I’ve already sent the URL to my grown children, who arrive on Saturday and subject line was: homework.
And our facebook posts are gaining momentum too with lots of likes and views. Our news about the opening of the Tuscan Chef Little Kitchen has been seen by over 3,800 people!
If you have anything at all you would like to share with us which would be of interest to people visiting Montisi and the surrounding area please send us an email: info@montisi-montalcino.com.